Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Universe is NOT Like a Clock!

A famous demonstration of applied egocentrism is the theory of creationism. A primary argument used to support creationism is that the complex nature of the universe naturally implies a creator. The standard example for illustrating the argument is a clock. Clocks are complex and could not exist without a clockmaker to create them. Clocks require creators. Since the universe is much more complex than a clock, it must obviously also require a creator. This argument, of course, falls to pieces with a modicum of critical evaluation. 

Early humans (and many other animals) used objects found in nature to make tools. A rock, for example, may have been used as a tool for killing game. As human understanding of technology advanced, so did the complexity of human tools. In the modern age, we experience a world brimming with complex, man-made items. However, in the vastness of the universe, man-made objects represent an incomprehensibly minuscule percentage of known objects. And, every single man-made item is ultimately constructed from natural materials that were present for billions of years prior to the arrival of the modern evolved human. The universe is NOT like a clock. It is like a universe.

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