Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Resolution to Be Less Tolerant in 2015

I plan to be less tolerant of Bullies who camouflage insecurity by feeding cowardly egos on the suffering of the weak and less fortunate.

I plan to be less tolerant of Bigots. They are cruel and stupid, more animal than human. I will not eat at the same table with one and would prefer not to drink from water fountains used by these filthy creatures.

I plan to be less tolerant of Homophobes. Their obsession with what other adult human beings do in the privacy of their bedrooms is twisted and perverted. They should be excluded from any role where they have influence over children, be it parent, clergy, teacher, or scout leader.

I plan to be less tolerant of people who think the statement, “That's just how I was raised,” excuses bad behavior. As children we have no choice but to comply with the norms of our families and cultures. As adults it is our sacred responsibility to improve the world by meticulously evaluating the values and “morals” on which we were raised and discarding any that cause harm or suffering to others.

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