Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On Road Rage

Just saw a grown man screaming, beating on his steering wheel, and shaking a billy club at the driver in front of him. He looked for all the world, like a comic idiot. 

Road rage comes naturally to humans. The driving errors of others is a source of frustration for everyone. Road rage is also infantile behavior. I'm not sure if this manifestation of extreme immaturity is due to a vague perception of anonymity, or a false sense of safety at being encapsulated in an automobile.

While other people's driving errors are not to our liking, our own driving errors are, likewise, equally annoying to others. The appropriate adult response to crappy drivers is to note one's own discomfort, drive on with a greater degree of caution, then go home and fuss to friends and family. If, on the other hand, the response is to wave fists and weapons, lay on the horn, curse and gesticulate, pull in front and slam on brakes, or engage in extreme tailgating... it is an indicator that you need to grow the f@&k up! The road is not an elementary school playground.

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